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“I am passionate about designing memorable trip packages and it gives me great joy to see my clients happy!”

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One of my goals in offering the trip packages and group travel tours services is I can continue to travel myself. I take advantage of visiting many destination resorts, and sailing different cruise lines, so I can be your best advisor. All of this to ensure my clients that I know about destinations because I have been there! In addition, I continue to build my travel knowledge by pursuing certifications for many travel partners.

The Experience You Need for an Amazing Vacation.

My passion for travel began at 14 when I went to Israel and Greece. Over the years I have lived and traveled in the US and abroad, (33 countries to be exact), and cruised to Hawaii, Alaska, the Caribbean, Europe and Africa. I have always loved planning these personal trips and assisting others with their plans. Cruises and several group travel tours to Turkey were highlights in my group travel tours booking experience.

100% Recommended Most knowledgeable Travel Advisor
Reviewed By A very Loyal customer – York PA | Traveled to Bermuda ~ Caribbean

Julie is a wonderful Travel Advisor! She is very knowledgeable about all forms of travel, vacation destinations, and Cruises! Julie gets excited about planning our vacations as if they were her own vacation plans. Have an idea for a group vacation? Give Julie a call! Planning a trip overseas…. she will take great care of you!

Loyal Customer , York, PA

A Disney Delight!

Julie makes it simple. You tell her what you want to spen and she tells you what you can get for that price. Then she does everything from making reservations to telling you what to expect. She is the best travel agent I’ve ever worked with

Dawn, Dallastown, PA